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Most of our club members are on Strava, the social network for athletes. We have a club page setup there where we publish our upcoming group runs and events.


We have created some Strava segments following a couple of the historic sites from this time. Click on the images below to find them, and check out our history page to find out more about how our park once looked.

The Airstrip


The site of the old WWII airstrip is now a grassy track, running along the south edge of Bushy Park, parallel with the path by the playground. There is an old dead tree trunk at the western end of the airstrip, see if you can find it and follow the route where the planes used to take off and land.

The Track

From Google Earth, you can still make out the outline of where there used to be a cinder running track. After the war, there was a school in the park for the dependents of the USAAF who remained stationed there. They used this for track & field events, and played baseball, basketball, rugby & tennis nearby.

Many thanks to Fr. Aaron S. Peters for the history of the school and track.

The club

The club

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