Who we are

SHAEF Shifters is a running club based in and around Teddington, South West London.The club was born from a few different groups of friends in early 2017. We've since grown to around 50 members.Bushy Park is our office.You'll be more than welcome to come along to one of our weekly group runs. Many of us also meet up at Bushy parkrun on Saturday mornings, followed by a friendly cool down jog and chat, and sometimes coffee and cake!A big part of being in SHAEF is participating in the great local races and running events around Teddington, Surrey and London. We celebrate taking part and personal improvement. The Green Belt Relay is a perfect example of this, and you can get a sense of what it’s like being part of SHAEF in our 2022 race recap and video here.You can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or get in touch via our contact page.

Where we run

We get together several times each week, routes vary but we tend to meet up at the Teddington gates of Bushy Park.

Wednesdays (summer months only) from 7:00pmArethusa Mile - meet by Chestnut Avenue near the Diana Fountain, Bushy ParkThursdays @ 6:50pmGroup run - pace & distance varies, meet just inside Teddington gates in Bushy ParkSaturday mornings @ 9:00amGroup run - our members run at lots of different parkrun events, but Bushy parkrun always has the biggest turnout, some running, some volunteering. Always followed by a cool down jog of around 5k, often followed by coffee & cake at The Pheasantry!Sundays @ 8:00amLong group run - a longer run to end the week. Route & distance vary, usually organised in advance by club members.

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- Fancy joining a small running club where you know everyone by name?
- Looking to explore your town?
- Want to connect with like-minded friends who will push you to be your best and smash through your PBs?
We strive to mix ambitious running goals with keeping it real and having fun. We also know how daunting it can be to join a new club where you don’t know anyone.You can join by filling in the membership form or if you want to come for a few runs with us before you decide then get in touch with us using our contact form below.

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What was SHAEF?During WWII, Bushy Park became home to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), led by General Dwight Eisenhower. It was here that SHAEF planned "Operation Overlord", the invasion of occupied Europe, beginning with the D-Day landings.

Camp GriffissIn 1942, Bushy Park became the site for Camp Griffiss. Groups of buildings were built in the park during the war, which became home to SHAEF in 1944.

There was also a small airstrip used for liaison aircraft. This ran along the south side of the park, near where the playground and main car park are now located.

The two lakes and the buildings were camouflaged during the war to hide them from enemy aircraft.

The SHAEF insigniaThe Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force insignia was approved by General Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1944.Each feature of the design is symbolic of the war and the Allied Force's fight for peace. The sword represents avenging justice; the rainbow, a symbol of hope, containing colours of all the allies' national flags; and the blue, representing the peace to come.

FreedomRunning is about freedom. The freedom to move, the freedom to explore, the freedom to find our potential. Without SHAEF, and all those who gave their lives during the war, we may not have this freedom today.We decided to name our running club in memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to give us this freedom.

MonumentsHeritage plaquesIn June 1994, sixteen plaques were unveiled to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Each plaque is shaped like an open book, with a page number from 1-16, and marks the positions of each corner of the 4 blocks, A-D.

SHAEF monumentUnveiled at the same time as the heritage plaques, the SHAEF monument marks the site of General Dwight Eisenhower's office.

SHAEF plaqueThe plaque at the SHAEF monument has an inscription that reads how for the three months leading up to the D-Day landings on the 6th June 1944 Eisenhower and his staff planned the invasion of Europe.

USAAF memorialUnveiled in August 1945, this memorial commemorates the occupation of Camp Griffiss by the United States 8th Air Forceas their headquarters during WWII.


Our club runners regularly take part and compete in a variety of events, running races from 5km to ultras, through to open water swims, cycle sportives and triathlons. The list below shows some of our members' favourite events of the year.March


The SHAEF shield is awarded at events where several of the Shifters are taking part. The winner is agreed amongst the runners based on who performed the best on the day; recording a PB, beating a target time or achieving a great result.AUTUMN ROAD RACES - 2019Plenty of strong contenders over various events, but Rodney McCulloch took the shield with a number of strong performances. Rodney has got himself shiny new PBs over 5k, 10k and half marathon distances in the past few months. Well done Rodders!SPRING MARATHONS - 2019Lots of super performances through the spring marathons, but just ahead of all of those competing at London was Jon Stone's 2:50 at the Newport Marathon. This made him the fastest marathoner competing for the club. Super running Jon!WEDDING DAY 7KFriday 27th July 2018
Another great turnout for the club at the 38th running of this local event in Bushy Park. 19 Shifters lined up at the start, and right on cue the heavens opened for the first downpour in a long while, giving the park a much needed drink!
A great run for Thomas Ziegel, who finished in 7th position, in a time of 24:50, his first sub-25 min finish at this event.
Hot on his heels was Dan Domeniconi, in 24:55, finishing 1st in the Mens V40 category. And Dan also picks up the SHAEF Shield to accompany his bottle of Proseco and V40 award!

LONDON MARATHONSunday 22nd April 2018
Some big performances across the board today at the biggest event in the racing calendar. A very hot day in contrast to the recent weather made for some difficult racing conditions, but Will Rawling took home the shield after an astonishing 2:50:59 finish, less than 2 minutes off a PB.
THE BIG HALFSunday 4th March 2018
A great show from the club at the inaugural Big Half in London. 78 mins from Ian Fullen was a worth winner of the shield.

CABBAGE PATCH 10Sunday 15th October 2017
A huge SHAEF turnout at a fantastic local event saw the Shield claimed by Clayton Bannon, who was first Shifter home in 62:10. Several excellent performances from the group and the social gathering afterwards meant a great time was had by all.

COPENHAGEN HALFSunday 17th September 2017
We counted them out, and we counted them back in again. 8 Shifters went to Copenhagen and despite the prep and unbeliebable weather on the day, all performed well. The Shield was retained by Ciaran with his 1:30 clocking.

WEDDING DAY 7KFriday 28th July 2017
The biggest turnout from the club so far and several good performances. The Shield was claimed by Ciaran who put in a terrific performance to continue his trend of strong results at this event over the past few years.

HARRY HAWKES 10Sunday 16th July 2017
Despite a large turnout from the Shifters, everyone had various degrees of dissapointing runs and it was unanimously decided that there was no deserved winner and we had jolly well buck up our ideas.

GREEN BELT RELAYSunday 21st May 2017
Incredibly tough choice for the shield this weekend but in the end it had to be split. Skipper Ian Fullen who did the most amazing job arranging the whole weekend and ran a cracking leg. Shared with Thomas Cassidy who despite doing a brutal leg on Saturday, when skip was injured stepped up to the plate again on sunday and changed his easy run for another killer. So many other deserving recipients too but well done guys.

LONDON MARATHONSunday 23rd April 2017
After a few unsuccessful attempts, Ian Haylock managed to dip inside three and a half hours for the first time. He recorded 3:29:36 to make it by with 24 seconds to spare. Great effort by Ian and well and truly deserved his sub 3:30 clocking.

BRIGHTON MARATHONSunday 9th April 2017
On a very tough day, with temperatures unseasonably high and many runners struggling in the conditions, Chris Boylett comfortably broke the 4-hour barrier to record a Marathon PB with a time of 3:45:32. Well done Chris!

Members Area

Below you will find info relevant to new and existing members:

Membership Form

Click the link below to be taken to our secure membership form where you will have options to sign up as a club member only, or including England Athletics registration, either as new or transferring from your existing 1st claim club.Prices for membership as follows:
- Club membership only - £10
- Club membership + EA 2nd claim - £10
- Club membership + EA 1st claim - £25 (includes £15 fee for 1 year EA registration)

After completing the form, our membership secretary will be in touch to arrange payment.Any issues with the form, or related questions about membership, please get in touch at: membership@shaefshifters.co.uk

Club Kit

Club vests and t-shirts in a selection of men’s and women’s sizes will be stocked at Up & Running, Teddington.These are being stocked to allow members to check sizing before making kit purchases directly online during future club kit sale windows. Also, members can purchase the kit stocked by Up & Running if they need kit between these online sales windows.Kit can only be purchased by current SHAEF Shifters club members.First, visit Up & Running in Teddington to check stock and test out sizing.Then, if you would like to purchase kit, you need to contact the Club Treasurer to do so.The Club Treasurer is currently Ian Fullen.
- Email
- 07810 431069
You should contact the Treasurer stating the item, size and quantity you wish to purchase.The Treasurer will check that you are a current club member, and provide instructions on making payment for the required club kit.Payment can be made at the Treasurer’s address in Teddington via a card payment ‘chip and pin’ device, to be arranged with the Treasurer - or by online bank transfer.Once the transaction is complete and you have made payment for the kit, the Treasurer will provide you with a receipt for the value of the purchase.The Treasurer will also email Teddington Up and Running with the following information:
- Customer name (for U&R to reconcile name)
- Total value of customer purchase (for U&R to reconcile receipt)
- Items purchased (for U&R to check that the items and sizes collected reconcile)
When you visit U&R to collect your kit:
- Up & Running will request the customer’s receipt and ID to be presented, to reconcile per above
- Up & Running will check this against the email they have received from the Treasurer
- You will be provided with the kit if all elements reconcile
Up & Running will reply to the Club Treasurer’s email to confirm that the kit has been collectedRefunds will not be possible, and exchanges will only be possible if the required size is in stock – so try before you buy

Club Constitution

All members of SHAEF Shifters Running Club shall comply with the Rules and bye laws of the club.We have adopted the standard set of Rules developed by England Athletics for the use of running clubs.These describe the objectives and ethos of the club, as well as how we are all expected to behave and how the proceedings of the club will be conducted.Click here to read the Rules

Club Committee

Say hello to your SHAEF Shifters Club Committee 👋Secretary: Nick Rowe
Website/IT Officer: Owen Delaney
Kit Officer: Oliver Edwards
Welfare Officer: Paul Graham
Chair: Gary Neville
Treasurer: Ian Fullen
Membership Secretary: Naomi Johns
Social Secretary: Maria Jovani

Nick Rowe
Club Secretary

When and how did you start running?“I managed to get a charity place in the 2011 London Marathon, having played regular football and other team sports all my life I thought I had a decent level of fitness but soon found out I wasn't running fit. However with 6 months of training (and the usual beginners injuries) I managed a sub 4 marathon and despite telling everyone before hand it was going to be a one time only event I was then hooked. Started running Bushy parkrun and started to speak to fellow runners who I saw each week and found the camaraderie that I was missing from team sports in my new favourite sporting pastime.”

What have been your running highlights?“So many highlights. Have now done 10 marathons and managed to reduce PB to 3:21. I was also proud of my one and only ultra effort - 80 muddy hilly miles in a 24 hour race. Really enjoy racing and had some performances I'm very proud of including one magical weekend when I got my all time parkrun PB (19:01) then a 87 minute half marathon the next day. Been lucky to meet some great people through running, many of whom helped found SHAEF and have now done 250 parkruns including runs at 35 different events in a number of countries. Done some group events with the Shifters including Green Belt Relay and Copenhagen half and good to really get to know your club mates in a more social environment - and even see them out of lycra. Lucky enough to have many friends having now taken up running and always enjoy the events where there are a few of us there and a chance to sit back afterwards and share memories of the run (ideally over a cold beer).”

Where's your favourite place to run?“Always take my running shoes wherever I go and have run in some amazing locations around the UK and world but if I had to choose one last run I'd have to go for where it all started .... Bushy Park - beautiful scenery and love how it changes so much during the seasons.”

Owen Delaney
Website/IT Officer

When and how did you start running?“When we decided to start a family back in 2004, I realised I needed to do something if I was ever going to be able to run around after my kids! We started going to the gym, then when my wife did a bit of treadmill running, I thought well if she can, then so can I. Caught the bug pretty quick, and ran my first race at the Nike RunLondon 10K that year, and I haven't looked back since. Best thing I ever did.”

What have been your running highlights?“There's quite a few. Starting this running club with a group of new friends has been a big highlight for me.
I'm part of the core volunteer group that started Moormead junior parkrun a few years ago, which has been a great experience for me and the kids.
In terms of personal acheivements, it has to be finishing completing the Arc of Attrition, a 100 mile foot race along the coastal path in Cornwall. It's a beautiful place to run, and it was an incredible experience running this event in 2017.”

Where's your favourite place to run?“That's a difficult one. There are two places that hold the top spot for me, and each for a different reason. I love the solitude of running on Box Hill first thing in the morning as the sun is coming up, with the place to myself. There's something about that hill that keeps drawing me back. But you can't beat Bushy Park - I grew up in a house that backs onto the park, and spent my childhood running about playing there. It holds so many memories, old and recent, and is always going to be a pretty special place for me.”

For any questions or issues relating to the club website or comms, you can contact Owen at admin@shaefshifters.co.uk

Paul Graham
Welfare Officer

When and how did you start running?“I remember running in primary school. Just running the length of the playground like a Beep Test to see how many times I could do it before the end of playtime whistle went. This also helped get away when the girls wanted to play Kiss Chase!
My first race was the The Paras 10 Mile Race 11th March 1990. See pic. I then I did the Wokingham half marathon before my first London Marathon the following April at the age of 18. I ran all these with my sporty brother.”

What have been your running highlights?“My highlights aren’t really a race performance, but joining a running club at 18 meeting and meeting like minded people when cross country running was not cool at that time was a highlight. I had a good performance at a mob match and was encouraged to run the Junior National Cross Country. My first experience of spending a weekend away from home and racing with a hangover. I then started to train five days a week and just became part of the ‘fast’ training group.
I still run with all the old faces that encouraged and supported me when I was young, and when they were a bit younger, at local parkruns.
My PBs are pretty good, but my real highlights have been seeing my wife (Mrs G) win races and medals, starting junior parkrun when it was not deemed suitable for kids to run (I even had a local councillor and MP write to me saying it was not good for them), and being able to use my occupational therapy knowledge to mentor and coach young athletes.”

Where's your favourite place to run?“After technically retiring from running in 2006 due to a chronic Achilles condition that I had been trying to manage since 1997, I thought I’d never run without pain. I can run without pain now after working out how my central nervous system works to sequence and process movement, so every time I run I’m just grateful to run, pain free, without the stress of performance, and with other people. I just happen to live near Bushy Park but even running on a treadmill is enjoyable. Every run I do is one that I thought wouldn’t be possible given the nature of my condition. So every time I run, wherever I run, and whoever I’m with, I see as a bonus.”

Please report any welfare or safe guarding concerns to this email address: welfare@shaefshifters.co.ukThe welfare officer will confidentially record any information and an investigation will be made. Any response from the club will then be made to the relevant people or organisations.

Gary Neville

When and how did you start running?“When I moved to Teddington from Scotland 10+ years ago I thought the time was right to gracefully retire from playing football (with my knees intact!). Also my mountain bike went into the shed (no Cairngorms nearby). With Bushy Park my new backyard it was pretty obvious that I had to take up running.”

What have been your running highlights?“Started off running with an informal group of like minded folks several times a week, gradually building up fitness and confidence to attempt the Reading half marathon. Then after many years of putting up with peer pressure I finally got a ballot place in the 2014 London marathon and there were no more excuses for not running a 26.2. I did the work and delivered my target time! I took the learning from the experience and continue to enjoy the challenge of getting to the start line in the best possible shape to test myself and to enjoy each race. Also I’ve discovered that wherever you are in the world you can always find a friend or colleague to go for a run and explore the surroundings. However, you can’t beat a Sunday morning long run with a group of friends in the local parks and along the towpath, and even better if it’s frosty!”

Where's your favourite place to run?“Easy it has to be Bushy and Home Parks although I do like a detour to Richmond Park to get in some hills!”

Ian Fullen

When and how did you start running?“I first started running when I was about 9-10 years old. I kept at it until I was about 16 and then as other things in life took priority I hung up my running spikes. When I hit 30 and was decidedly unfit I realised I needed to get into something active and chose to get back into it. My 'second' running career started like many people with lots of aches, pains and niggles, but after a year or so I was a fairly regular runner and really enjoying pushing myself to see what was possible.”

What have been your running highlights?“To be honest, no one result or event really jumps out. That's one of the beauties of running that keeps you coming back for more; no matter what happens you always looks back and think you could do better. If I was to pick out three events I would say London marathon in 2017. I had been injured until just a few weeks before and had no expectation going into the race, but ended up running far better than I hoped for and felt great running along Embankment and into the finish. It was probably the first time I've really enjoyed the last 6 miles of the marathon! I'd also pick out taking part in the Ealing Half Marathon a few years back, which although wasn't particularly fast it was the first time I felt a bit of the 'bug' for running again. Lastly would be completing The Wall in 2017. As someone who used to run 800m on the track, my specialty is not running 69 miles but completing that in one piece and finishing in the top 10 is something that I am very proud of.”

Where's your favourite place to run?“I would say I have two favourites. Firstly, I always enjoy running along the Thames towpath along the river out to Teddington, particularly the stretch around Kew Gardens. My favourite is late in the evening when its dark as I really enjoy the solitude and peace. It helps to know every step of the way as well after doing it so many times! Second would be a couple of the routes I used to run as a kid. I don't get to do them very often any more as I don't get up to Newcastle too much, but when I do it really takes me back to my younger days doing some serious training!”

Naomi Johns
Membership Secretary

When and how did you start running?“The seeds of running started way back when I was at school. Back then I’d run the 800m and 1500m (badly!) and somehow used to get selected for the Cross Country competition with some regularity. Probably because back in the 80s everyone else hated to run cross country and would do whatever they could do to get out of it! During my late teens and 20s the running years were barren and then I picked it up again when I was in my 30s. Mostly I can attribute getting back into running with some seriousness when I had a personal trainer. She was a keen runner and would often have me huffing and puffing alongside (actually mainly behind) her. Often she’d add in some intervals and I saw my fitness increase. Sadly she was diagnosed with breast cancer and with great sadness died in 2012. But it was this that inspired me and spurred me into taking part in my first half and the inaugural Ealing Half Marathon, running and raising money in her memory. I remember thinking at the end of it the race there was absolutely no way that I’d want to run that distance twice and do a marathon. Yet that’s the thing about running, it draws you in and makes you believe you can do these things. I’ve now run countless races of various distances including many marathons.”

What have been your running highlights?“That’s a hard question to answer and I would say - too many to mention. For me it’s not all about running the fastest time (especially as I’ve got older). Running is so much more than that. Yes, I’ve absolutely loved some of the races I’ve taken part in – 24 hours in a mini bus as part of a Ragnar Relay team was an absolute highlight. My final leg of three at 4:30am was a completely surreal yet brilliant experience. And I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a very long time. Such amazing team solidarity – even at the absolute height of sleep deprivation.
Yet I also loved finding new routes during the Covid lockdowns and discovering parts of my neighbourhood I may have previously overlooked. Without the curiosity of wondering where a path may lead I hadn’t taken before (because let’s face it we can all be guilty of running the same familiar routes time and again) I wouldn’t have seen some beautiful new trails – and for that I am grateful.”

Where's your favourite place to run?“That’s a hard one to answer because it very much depends on how I am feeling at that particular time on that particular day. If I had to choose one then it would be an oldie but a goodie - of course I love the beauty of Bushy Park and how the light changes with every hour. I’ve spent so much time running in Bushy over the years and it offers that amazing familiarity yet a great big hug when sometimes you need it most.”

Privacy Policy

SHAEF Shifters (Club) are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. For any personal data you provide for the purposes of your membership, SHAEF Shifters is the Data Controller and is responsible for storing and otherwise processing that data in a fair, lawful, secure and transparent way.What personal data we hold on youYou may give us information about you by filling in forms at an event or online, or by corresponding with us by phone, e-mail or otherwise. This includes information you provide when you register with the Club, or participate in discussion boards on our website. The information you give us may include your name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, phone number, name of the EA affiliated Clubs with which you are registered and gender (Athletics Data).We may also ask for relevant health information and other data which is classed as special category personal data.Why we need your personal dataThe reason we need your Athletics Data is to be able to administer your membership, and provide the membership services you are signing up to when you register with the club. Our lawful basis for processing your personal data is that we have a contractual obligation to you as a member to provide the services you are registering for.Reasons we need to process your data include:For training and competition entry- sharing personal data with club coaches or officials to administer training sessions;
- sharing personal data with club team managers to enter events; and
- sharing personal data with leagues, county associations and other competition providers for entry in events.
For funding and reporting purposes- analysing anonymised data to monitor club trends; and
- sending out club survey requests and analysing the results to improve your experience as a club member
For membership and club management- processing of membership forms and payments;
- sharing data with committee members to provide information about club activities, membership renewals or invitation to social events;
- club newsletter promoting club activity; and
- publishing of race and competition results
Marketing and communications (where separate consent is provided)- sending information about promotions and offers from sponsors;
- sending information about selling club kit, merchandise or fundraising.
Any special category health data we hold on you is only processed for the purpose(s) of passing health data to coaches to allow the safe running of training sessions. We process this data on the lawful basis of consent. Therefore, we will also need your explicit consent to process this data, which we will ask for at the point of collecting it.The club has the following social media pages:Facebook
All members are free to join these pages. If you join one of the Social Media pages, please note that provider of the social media platform(s) have their own privacy policies and that the club do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data on the club social media pages.Who we share your personal data withWe use the England Athletics club portal to manage our membership data, and when you become a member of the Club, the details you provided us will be stored there. This is the case for members who include EA registration and those who chose club membership only. If you chose a membership option that includes England Athletics registration, they will use the details you provided us to enable access to the MyAthletics portal. England Athletics Limited will contact you to invite you to sign into and update your MyAthletics portal. You can set and amend your privacy settings from the MyAthletics portal. If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with England Athletics Limited, please contact dataprotection@englandathletics.org.The Club’s data processing may require your personal data to be transferred outside of the UK for the purpose of cloud hosting where we store documentation on our membership for record keeping. Where the Club does transfer your personal data overseas it is with the appropriate safeguards in place to ensure the security of that personal data.How long we hold your personal dataWe will hold your personal data on file for as long as you are a member with us. Athlete data is updated every year on annual membership forms. Any personal data we hold on you will be securely destroyed after four years of inactivity on that member’s account, in line with England Athletics Limited’s retention policy. Your data is not processed for any further purposes other than those detailed in this policy.Your rights regarding your personal dataAs a data subject you may have the right at any time to request access to, rectification or erasure of your personal data; to restrict or object to certain kinds of processing of your personal data, including direct marketing; to the portability of your personal data and to complain to the UK’s data protection supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office about the processing of your personal data.As a data subject you are not obliged to share your personal data with the Club. If you choose not to share your personal data with us we may not be able to register or administer your membership.

Club News

Use the form below to get the latest club news direct to your inbox.You can also find our past issues here.

Green Belt Relay

The weekend of 14th-15th May 2022 saw the wonderful Green Belt Relay return after a three year break during the pandemic.

This brilliant event sees over 40 London clubs compete against each other in 22 consecutive races over two days, completing a circuit of Greater London that follows the ‘Green Belt’ route - about 350km overall.This event is a real club favourite, and celebrates everything we love about running: community, participation, our beautiful local environment, and the excitement and satisfaction of hard racing. Oh, and it’s self-navigated!The SHAEF team had a brilliant time this year. Take a look at our Instagram highlights of the event for the best videos and photos of the beautiful chaos that is the Green Belt Relay!

We asked our runners for a few highlights 👇

Eirwen said:“for me the best part of the weekend was the amazing team spirit. As a GBR newbie I was truly impressed by the way everyone rallied round to support each other, constantly helping to figure out who needed to be where and when. The positive encouragement from the team was fantastic and I’m so glad to have been given the chance to take part in such a special event.”Aaron added:“I’ve done 4 editions with hopefully more to follow, and this was by far the most special. Returning from 2 years in the wilderness, we had a good combination of vets and first timers, everyone had fun and banded together to help out when we desperately needed someone off the bench, encouraged each other, ate and drank lots, denied Thames Hare and Hounds yet another stage win, and no one got injured. Best memory for me would be experiencing that "real race feeling” again (pinning a number on your vest and doing the best you can on the day) after not doing a lot of that over the past three years or so".And our Green Belt race captain, Fernando, said:“my favourite moment of the weekend rather than a quote was Ian Fullen (SHAEF’s Treasurer) politely nudging me at the end of stage 5 to get moving for about five minutes, before impolitely dragging me by the shirt to the car because we were late! GBR is so good, I intend to return. I am already planning the logistics for next year and I bet everyone is already thinking about which stage they want to run!”

The team finished 15th of 41 teams, a great result for a unique team.Thank you to everyone that took part, and to Stragglers for putting on this fantastic event.Check back soon for a full run report from the event, with all the gory fun details.