SHAEF SHIFTERS club kit is available to buy direct from our new British supplier, Hugga.

There's the usual club vests and tees, as well as new baselayers, hoodies, sweaters, leggings and polo shirts.

Check the range out here, and place your orders directly with Hugga:

About Hugga

Hugga are a British company, founded in 2012. They have produced and supplied club kit to rowing clubs historically, but recently began making bespoke gear for running clubs.

They will be supplying us with club tees and vests, using quality technical wicking and anti-odour fabrics. All the kit is made in Hugga's factory in Sheffield with fabrics produced in Belgium.

Hugga are also working on a new high quality waterproof and breathable running jacket. These will be added to the club webshop once design and testing are finalised.

Let me know if there's any other club gear you'd like to see available, and I'll work with Hugga to see what can be added to the shop.