Club kit

About the club May 29, 2018

We have selected a new kit supplier, EV2, and they are now ready to take orders for delivery in early to mid March on a dedicated online “club shop”.

There is a c2 week window to order kit, from evening on 24 January to afternoon on 10 February.

You browse products online, and pay for your chosen items on the site. Purchases will be delivered to a committee member’s address for collection to cut delivery charges to club members. Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks after the order window closes.

There’s a size guide on the site. Anecdotally other clubs have told us the sizes are a snug fit so perhaps go up a size if you’re unsure. We’ll learn as we go and the prices are very reasonable.

There is a minimum order quantity for the club on each product type. If we don’t hit it, you’ll receive a full refund for products you’ve paid for. We’ll keep track of order volume during the window and do our best to get you what you ordered.

The first product selection is white and black t shirts and unisex vests, shorts, hoodies and bobble hats.

The shop can be found here:

You can browse at any time but only order during the order window. EV2 use Worldpay for payments which is typically very secure.
Any questions please shout, ideally in the “Kit” page on Slack so others can see the questions and answers.

We hope you enjoy the new kit - Owen’s designs continue to look fantastic.

SHAEF Committee