SHAEF Update - 8th February 2018

Club news Feb 08, 2018

A few 'club' items as well as some running and celebrations for this week.

Firstly, best of luck to Shifter Owen Delaney who is taking part in thr Arc of Attrition from Friday noon onwards. This is a ridiculously difficult endurance event that Owen is returning to for a second time having taken part last year. Take a look online to see more details and be awed. Owen has also had another bit of 'celebrity' this week with his brilliant daily route drawings having been picked up by Strava and getting lots of publicity. Top guy and talented to boot!

Also, celebrations anticipated for Shifter Nick Rowe, who will be completing his 250th Parkrun this Saturday at Bushy. Given his current injury troubles, Nick may be a bit off pb time, but this will give him more time to enjoy reaching the milestone. There may also be some celebrations afterwards. Ian H and I are both bubbling under at 249 but wont make it this weekend so more celebratons in the offing. Probably in 2 weeks time

A week on Saturday, SHAEF will be performing pacing duties at Bushy parkrun. Given February is an even month it will be even minutes pacing from 20 minutes upwards. Several of you have said you would be happy to support, but we need to organise a schedule. Please help if possible and let me know if you would be able to supportand a preerred time. Several of you have told me verbally butI have forgotten so please do it by email. great opportinity to get the club more widely known and connnect with potential members.

Thanks to those of you who recently ordered the new club kit. This will hopefully be dispatched in the coming weeks. We should then have another order window shortly after. Am sure it will be super!

Even bigger thanks to those of you who formally signed up as a member of the club in the past couple of weeks. There are now 25 official members. Many more to come I am sure including quite a few current regulars who haven't signed up yet so please go to the website and do this. We should get to 50 fairly quicklyso if you haven't joined yet please done so. Chairman Gary wont be happy if you dont.

We currently have 4 places remaining for the SHAEF Shfters Green Belt Relay team. As I've mentioned before, this is one of the highlights of the year so don't miss out on the weekend away. Let me know if you are interested and haven't paid the £25 entry fee yet. First come first served.

In three weeks, we have the first big event of the year with many of us taking part in the Big Half. Plans for the not yet sorted but will be many of us running and I am sure others not running will come along not just to watch Mo et al compete but also to see several of us flogging it on London's streets. The SHAEF Shield is up for grabs.

Until next time.