SHAEF Shifters update - 28/08/18

Club news Aug 29, 2018

Back for another update after a bit of a summer break :-)

Since the last proper update, we had the Wedding Day 7k, which now seems like an eternity ago. In amongst a whole lot of excellent performances, Dan went hom with the SHAEF Shield and also the award for the first local finisher. Great job Dan!

Coming up very soon we have Ian H, Aaron and Ollie in their latest adventures of marathoning (and prbably others as well I am forgetting), as well as the River Relays taking place on 9th September. Ravi is taking the lead on organising teams of 5 runners and we are currently looking at 3 teams taking part. Reach out to Ravi  if you would like to find out more or take part -- he has a provisional list of runners and teams but I am sure there will be additions and drop-outs.

After the River relays, the next mass SHAEF turnout will be at the Cabbage Patch. Another great event to get motivated for in around 6 weeks!

After the success of '6 Shifters go to Berlin',  we are looking at planning a trip to Glasgow for the European Indoors the first weekend of March next year. Ravi, Tom C, Justin and Nick have booked up so far, with several more interested. Don't miss out!

Anyway, short and sweet from me this time. Plenty of us at the Arethusa today and by the looks of strava so far putting in some speedy laps. Time for me to plan a run.

The next club committee meeting will be in a few weeks time, so will share an updae after that on any club news.