SHAEF Shifters update - Easter special!

Club news Apr 04, 2018

Hope you all got plenty of miles in over the long Easter weekend ... based on Strava it seemed to be the case with a mixture of general running, final pre-marathon long runs, and a fair sprinkling of races with the Maidenhead 10 and Kingston half in particular being popular. Well done to everyone who took part and particular kudos to Louise who managed to get herself a mid-race selfie with the PM as well as an appearance in the Evening Standard!

We now have marathon season starting up with (I think) Manchester, Berlin and London represented. Best of luck to everyone and apologies if I missed your event. Please let me/us know!

We also have 'unofficial' SHAEF member Colin Haylock doing MdS, which I think starts this weekend. Good luck you loon.

Not only will there's be a pretty strong turnout running at London Marathon in a couple of weeks, there'll also be a good collection of us lining the streets cheering fellow runners on. Would be great to see as many of you as possible out there so suggest organising a few meet up points. There'll also be the inevitable post race beers to arrange!

Also a reminder that the following week is our first official club AGM. This will take place upstairs in The Railway with full details to follow
Look forward to a good turturnout here too for an update on how the club is going!

A final reeminder that by this weekend the new club kit will have been delivered and will be at Bushy park for parkrun for those of you that can make it. The rest of you can get your hands on it as and when a time and place works. Just get in touch with Owen.

Happy runnings.