SHAEF Update - 03/11/19

Club news Nov 03, 2019

Lots of running and different events through October. As ever, loads of us at the Cabbage Patch, as well as Oxford Half, Royal Parks Half and Bruges Half. Check out the race reports for the Cabbage and Bruges write-ups.

Well done to everyone taking part.

November is not really such a big month for races, but lots of dark evenings and headtorch runs. Some of my favourite kind!

Coming up this Thursday we do have the inaugural 'The Chestnut' event. This is basically an expanded version of the regular first Thursday of the month run, where we 'compete' over essentially whatever distance you choose, from 5k upto anything ... it's straight up and down Chestnut Avenue so you'll be constantly passing other runners and you can choose how fast (or otherwise) you feel like going. We plan to get going at 7pm so arrive at the normal 6:50 time. Hope to see loads of you there ... and afterwards too.

Once finished, we'll head back to the Adelaide for a bit of a social and then at 9:30pm we'll do the club London Marathon draw. There is one place between 10 entrants. Only requirements are to be first claim with the  club and have been rejected in the public ballot. Entrants are Nick Rowe, Helen Davies, Aaron Chai, Ian Haylock, Rich Powney, Tom Cassidy, Mark Gratton, Dan Domeniconi, Ollie Edwards and Charlie Chandler. Performances at The Chestnut have no bearing on the draw! If you qualify but haven't yet told Nick Rowe, please reach out to him right away...

Good luck to all of you – a 1 in 10 chance is better than the public ballot and at least if you aren't the luck one you will know the person who is!