SHAEF Update - 04/12/18

Club news Dec 04, 2018

Events: Last week we had a good turnout at the Perivale 5. By all  accounts it was a terrific event, extremely well organised, and good performances to boot. Everyone agreed these are the exact events we should look to be involved in more and more.

Curry reminder: Reminder to everyone that this Thursday is curry night at Prem. Ian Haylock is organising and has a group reservation for us. Should be a good turnout at the birthplace of the Shifters!

Club sessions: First Thursday of the month is when we try to get as many of us together for a larger group club session. That falls this Thursday, so should be time for a quick run, and then dust yourself off for some food. Net neutral, no unit adjustment required.

Track sessions: There has been some renewed interest in some track sessions at St Marys. If this interests you, join the chatter in the #training section on slack (remember, everyone is not on WhatsApp, so try and keep this sort of thing here. the nonsense chatter about I'm a Celebrity and Spurs failings can stay where it is ;). There's also some evening runs out of Central London post-work which might be good for some.

Kit: Owen has now received the bulk order of club kit. He will bring it down on Thursday to Prem for those of you who can make it. Everyone else will have to collect from him separately.

Christmas drinks: Christmas drinks are scheduled for Thursday 20th December at The Adelaide. As well as the regular quiz, there'll be a book swap where you can bring along any running books you have and swap them for ones others have contributed.

That's all for this update. Hope to see you all soon and keep running.