SHAEF UPDATE - 09/02/20

Club news Feb 09, 2020

Busy busy busy in SHAEF world at the moment.

Its beginning to be obvious which club members have spring marathons in the offing as they post some big mileage. Been fab to see some larger groups out these last few Sunday's and using the longer distance to get out onto different routes. In the run up to the marathons there are quite a few other local events where there'll doubtless be a good club turnout in the various half's and other weird race distances on offer. Now it's overdue to get those same numbers out on a Thursday evening ... myself included.

For other midweek options, Tom C and I have been getting in a few midweek runs from town to Teddington after work. Great way to get 10+ miles done midweek. If anyone else wants to join, let us know.

Hopefully everyone who was waiting to get some kit has placed their order with the gear Ollie has expertly sourced. The club shorts are my personal favourite. Look forward to the delivery coming through!

As ever, the social events often get a larger turnout than the actual running, and with 6 nations rugby in full swing there's been ample opportunity to get a taste of the amber nectar. Whether you are a rugby fan or not, don't miss out 😜

We've welcomed a few more new club members since the start of the year, so a big 'hello' from me to the newbies and welcome to the club. We hope you like it and stay; and we've now past 50 members (Louise will be along in a minute with the exact figures). We've also a new junior member who recently joined us, congrats to Jon and Harriette on their recent arrival!

Fees for next year will be due soon so we'll be reminding you and don't let your membership lapse. Mentioning next year, as well as EA affiliation, we also plan on competing in the Surrey league, hopefully with both a men's and women's team, so your membership fees will cover the option of competing for the club in that too. More details of this, as well as the annual green belt relay prep, to come soon.

Farewell Ciara and enjoy the calm after the storm this week.