SHAEF update - 22/09/18

Club news Sep 22, 2018

A busy week last weekend with lots of us pounding the streets of Europe!

Aaron and Ol were in Berlin. Ol in particular had a great performance on his marathon debut, delivering thanks to some metronomic pacing and excellent preparation. Wasn't quite Aaron's day but he'll be back again racing 26.2 soon no doubt! Kipchoge pushed himself to a new WR in order to ensure he took them both in the head-to-head this time.


Ravi was in Copenhagen running the half. After being unsure he was even going to run in the lead up he performed admirably, with an impressive time, well judged and came back in one piece. He also drank less Hoegarden than last year. Or so he tells me.

Closer to home, Ian Haylock competed in the Richmond marathon. He provided a windbreak to most of the rest of the field, some of who then nipped past at the end to beat him at the finish. He should still be happy with his 82.52% unit adjusted time.

Chris Boylett ran Run 10 in Richmond Park, putting in a very solid show despite being under the weather. Richmond Park also saw double days running from Stewart and Charlie, who both opted for a cycle in between to help the legs recover.

Look out for a run report or two on these events soon...

The Arethusa season drew to a close on Wednesday and now we look towards the Cabbage Patch 10 (with the Shield up for grabs) as well as other local events and a couple of further marathons the SHAEF crew will be turning up for.

Lastly, the next SHAEF committee meeting is next week and we'll share anything that may be of interest after that.