SHAEF Virtual League: Race 3 Results

Club news Jun 21, 2020

Following a club member's poll, we chose 3k as our third race distance.  Most of us had little experience of the distance going into the race week, but 33 of us had battle scars by the final race day.

It was great to see so many new faces this time, with several club members coming back from injury or downtime, and a host of new faces joining our club's wider community. Welcome!   Our overall performances were close to season's best across the board - well done everyone.

As ever, the awards video is below, and thanks to the one and only Charlie Chandler for his epic mash up of Aerosmith and De La Soul for the intro!

Award winners:

Nb. no 'rambler' or 'mountain goat' performances spotted from league entrants - please let us know if a qualifying entry has been missed!

Link to results data:

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Overall club performance and participation: