Weekly newsletter - 25/01/18

Club news Jan 25, 2018

Lots of work has been going on in the past few weeks so a lot to update on this week!

Club website: We have migrated the website to a new host, so it looks a little bit different now and slightly modified content. Hopefully you like it ... have a nose around and let Owen know if you have any feedback.

Club membership: We have now launched the club membership. To sign-up as an official SHAEF Shifter please follow the link here:


Put simply, there are two membership options depending on whether you want to also become an EA affiliated athlete. Basic cost is £10, which would run from now until March 2019. More details explained on the application form.

Club Kit: Some of you got a sneak peek of the new club kit on Saturday. We have added a form on the website to order your own, which I am sure you'll agree looks great! We are now using New Balance as supplier, which is slightly more expensive but is smarter, better quality, offers a broader range of gear beyond just vest/T-Shirt, and will provide the capability for individual orders in the future. Follow the link here:


This initial bulk order is open for one week, so don't miss out! Again, some further details on the website.

Parkrun: On 17th February, we will be taking over pacing duties at Bushy parkrun (even month, even minutes). Please let me know if you would like to be a willing volunteer.

Communications: These updates are now being published on the website rather than just e-mail. Hopefully easier to keep track of everything.

Club Runs: Usual schedule. Thursday at 6:50pm at Teddington gate. Saturday Bushy parkrun and warm-down, Sunday morning (likely 8am - to be confirmed on WhatsApp or Strava), and then Tuesday 6:50pm again.