SHAEF virtual event - 1 hour run

Club news Feb 17, 2021

The time has come for the next virtual club event. All being well, this one might be the last before some form of actual competition returns...

So, what better challenge to throw out than an event that is not a distance, but instead a time! Mo Farah made it thirteen and a quarter miles on the track last year to break the world record. How far can YOU go in one hour?

As usual, you get to choose the route, and time and the day. And you've got until the end of February to get it done. Just run as far as you can and then log your result here:

If you are happy to, as well as providing a comment or write-up of your performance on the form, please also send me a picture before/during/after your run. We'll collate when the results are issued to share how you all did and evidence the sufferfest! As ever, we'd love to hear any special efforts or circumstances behind your run. It could be uphill, creative, progressive, regressive, looped or anything else that you fancy.

Best of luck to you all.

Ian F.