SHAEF Virtual League: Race 4 Results

Club news Aug 13, 2020

After the success of the MA RA TH ON event in June, we knew a team relay needed to feature in our virtual SHAEF league.

We took stock of member interest in different relay distances, and settled on 4x 5.3k, a half marathon per team.  24 runners signed up, giving us a perfect six teams.  Each team was blended with runners of different pace to hopefully deliver a tight competition between teams for overall time.

The race went ahead on 8-9 August, and was suitably awesome - the results are announced in the video below:


Results table:

 (Thanks for your help Matt!)

Full results:

SHAEF VLR4 Results
Sheet1 Full name,Team Name,Actual Time,Race score Craig Jarman,Team Flux,00:16:42,77.93% Ian Haylock,Team McFly,00:22:57,57.80% Gary Neville,Team Flux,00:19:34,87.26% Louise Chai,Team Gigawatts,00:30:25,50.60% Richard Powney,Team Doc,00:19:09,73.47% Oliver Edwards,Team McFly,00:19:43,67.66% Sian...